Authentication is increasingly becoming important in the internet and as long alternatives are not wide spread, secure passwords are very important. There are several measures to ensure your password is secure like not to use the same password for different services, use a random string, and most important don’t use a password that a random dude on the internet is recommending. Let’s put all these measures aside. The other day, I learned that some people use URLs as password. It is not recommended to do that, but we don’t want to listen to that for a moment, remember that?

If you are looking for a URL that you can use as a password, you could consider my homepage It’s brief and you can remember it easily and look if you capitalize some letter, has everything most password validators require: upper and lower case letters, number, special characters, and it has 10 characters. Perfect. I’m not saying you should use it as your password. I’m just saying if you do, I don’t mind.