The other day someone asked me what computer we have. What is an appropriate answer to that question? There is obviously the answer “a grey one!”. In the 80s you could answer a 386 PC, a Mac, an Amiga, and so on. But what do you say now? Nowadays even Macs have Intel inside. So what should I say instead the CPU type? Mac user are usually very specific about what computer they have, all the time. Instead losing the laptop, they cannot find the MacBook Air. That does apply to other Apple products, as well. Apple user never look up something on a tablet but on a iPad, they don’t call someone on there phone, instead they send a text with their iPhone, and I don’t have an awesome song on my MP3 player but awful songs on my 3rd generation 32GB iPod touch. So, how do you answer the question what computer you have? Do you say what operation system is running on it? Do you describe the hardware in detail? Or is it the color?