Price Calculator

Do you have used items, that you want to sell but don't know what price tag to put on? Here, you can calculate a suggested price. The item should still be functional. The calculated price here is a suggested price. There is no guaranty, that it is the best price.

The equation we use here to calculate the price is: $$ p = n (1 - log_2(\frac{a}{d} + 1)) $$ with new price n, age in years a, and loss in value parameter d. The loss in value parameter is here the time in years it takes a new item to reach a price 0. This should depend on the category of item you want to sell. A chair will not lose value as fast as a cell phone. It also depends on build quality and if the item was well maintained. The values that are used here are rough averages. For a specific case, d can be set in the "Custom" category.